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Interior Blank creates beautiful, functional spaces that you feel at home in, work in and enjoy for years to come. A full service interior design firm that specialises in quality custom cabinetry and joinery, Interior Blank works closely with architects, builders and tradespeople to integrate knowledge of construction processes in the interior design journey, right from the project’s inception. 

“Our interior design is the result of a perfect collaboration of both your ideas and ours: to create the beauty and functionality of spaces that fully articulate your individual style.”

Judy Parkin, Interior Blank

Judy Parkin, Director and Founder, Interior Blank.

Judy Parkin’s diverse portfolio spans from high end residential properties to thoughtful, sustainable spaces in both London and Australia. After working in London’s reputable ‘kitchen lane’ (Wigmore Street), Judy became a specialist kitchen designer, well known for her meticulous attention to detail. Now based in Northern NSW, Australia, Judy is commissioned for high end, customised home design projects, with the ability to work online for her clients.

“When interior design is informed by robust construction knowledge and experience, the end result is both better design and a smoother construction journey.”

Judy Parkin, Interior Blank

Solving Design Complexity.

Every residential interior design project has a pre-existing set of design parameters and considerations: spatial, size, aspect, heritage factors and more. Interior Blank specialises in meeting all these factors with an experienced, comprehensive understanding of how construction and architectural processes integrate with interior design.

Interior Blank specialises in cabinetry and joinery for kitchens, bathrooms and thoughtful solutions. Interior Blank foregrounds these in the project’s inception phase, which results in better spatial planning, ergonomics, flow of space and functionality.

Interior Design Services:
Cabinetry & Joinery Specialisation.

Designing beautiful, custom interior spaces is a result of over 20 years of experience in both interior design and joinery. Interior Blank’s design services include full home interior design as well as specialty kitchen and bathrooms for new home builds and renovations.

“My dedication to seeing happy, satisfied customers comes from a sincere love for what I do in creating individual, personalised designs.”

Judy Parkin, Interior Blank

Our Work: International Portfolio.
Before and After Renovations.

Interior Blank has created a wide range of signature, individualised design for new residential builds and renovations that optimises functionality and available spaces. View our extensive portfolio, which includes an intriguing array of before and after renovation images.

“Judy is absolutely brilliant at what she does. Extremely professional and meticulous, Judy designed an awesome kitchen and bathroom for our home within the projected budget and time frame. Highly recommended.”

Brad, Condong, Houzz Review